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Welcome to the Swanton Abbott website. 

Here you will find all sorts of information about the village and what's on offer in terms of clubs, activities, services and local business.


Click on the Parish Council tab for information about the proposed Village Green and housing development.

The minutes of the extraordinary meeting that discussed the proposed development are now available along with the survey timescale and responses to the comments made at the initial consultation at the village hall. These will answer many of the concerns people have been expressing.

Minutes of meeting 1st August

Comments and responses


The survey is there for you to express your concerns and ask questions if they haven't already been covered in the above documents. The Parish Council remains impartial and welcomes all views on the proposal. This is not a yes/no referendum, we are after your opinion. No proposal will go ahead without the approval of the village - we are not at that stage yet.

Survey forms will be collected between the 5th and 9th of September and a postbox will stand by the bottle bank near the Village Hall until the 16th September. The envelopes will be opened at the Parish Council meeting on the 27th September.